The Prophecy

Arkhanum Imperial Common
Tuneem panul aleh shemool chudailamool When the Great Mother succumbs
Feth elatufeh pachtenet ru thrus ch'ipsalanu To eightfold evil, and the Green Flame
Mo ile vakai ru ooluhtenet rianu sheleil mo etumul Is rendered red, Balance is lost
Netheneem panul nesefarie ralen sefar chtayeema Until the wrongs are right again.
Heenvan ch'tresia rusneem panul khanaseyth The People of the Forest shall heed the call,
Ru ta rusneem akai chisia sethdai ridivie And one shall rise from their number
feth khaba panul dialess morean To claim the birthright royal
Ru rabaan heenvan chisia sethdai thellisvan And shake the people from their slumber.
Tuneem panul sorsharen shepelie panom When the wise man acts without
Chisia panul uhurie ch'ohandai khehebor From the confines of his Tower;
Tuneem panul dialess ahlat When the birthright blade
Miawensun panul vanath ch'vakai Foretells return of power;
Tuneem Parlle Hhool maneth When the Blood Moons come
Athenbihinnitvee mo Borrealla seekhom Heralded is the new Queen’s hour.
Navaalaht lessey ch'lessey rusneem ohem ohmthuulch'ment No sibling shall she know,
Amo salameesohn ohem uhrusneem ohmthuulch'ment pehenrupen But spurn she will know well;
Leeala ch'Aleh Aneygethie rusneem akai The daughter of kings shall rise
Lasuch rusneem athen khenemm-adat And thus shall sound the knell
Lereeyan selem vanienetele ehrep banselool For those who would enslave
Selem vanienetele ehrep adat Those who would corrupt and kill.
Amolien seth letheer feth eya duthen Though they strive to stay the march
Kensu rusneem valien ohem Kensu (Champion) shall aide her still.

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