May your roots grow deep, and your branches never stand in shadow. I’ll be posting here with snippets and updates…

“Go with Seisha, act with Honour."

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Epic fantasy set in a world of sentient magic and gut-punching action that will take you on high adventures and leave you feeling hungry for more, and… perchance inspired.

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About Me

My father was a Scientologist. My mother was a Rosicrucian. I went to a catholic school and I was raised in a country riven with racial differences and cultural tensions. So, quite naturally I suppose, I studied Psychology. And martial arts. But it was in the hallowed halls of Kung Fu where my yearning for a spiritual path was born.

In the years since then I've lived in four cities, on two continents, and I've had the pleasure of interacting with colourful characters on my quest. Suffice to say my education, as it were, went well beyond conventional norms and through all of these adventures my love for the spiritual nature of Who I Am, has only deepened.

You see, I believe that inside each one of us, there is a warrior who struggles towards their own enlightenment. We all wrestle with questions of conscience, we all strive to evolve, to find our purpose, to live a life of meaning, to help and serve others in the highest expression of love.

The inspiration for the Weavers and Wyrders Saga dates back to one day in the mid-nineties. I was struck by the image of embers burning in a fire. I could see them clearly: orange and black coals shimmering in heat, peeling away from each other. I sat down at my humble desk and in one sitting I penned a four page poem.

It was as if somebody else had control. I couldn’t tell you where the words and names and rhyme scheme came from, but it flowed. Since then my muse has seen to it that the story evolved into what it is now, and what it will become.

When I married my Athelu (“Beloved,” in the Ancient Tongue of Trefolk), my mother made a speech. She said, “The meaning of life is to find your purpose. The secret of life is to give it away.” Maybe these were not her original words, but I know she espoused them.

As of now, I believe my purpose is to inspire through entertaining. Woven through the action, intrigue, erotica and “feels” is the message that You Can Be More. You can be better. You CAN aspire and achieve. More than this, you can evolve into the highest expression of yourself.

I believe in you.

I cling dearly to values of spiritual evolution, personal liberty, the warrior and divinity within, respect for nature, human potential, oh… the list goes on, but this is my journey. With my books and blogs and vlogs and various gratuitous posts I share my thoughts and insights. I’m human, so maybe they won’t find purchase, but maybe, just maybe, they’ll inspire, encourage and uplift you.

Wherever you are, whoever you may be, you have honoured me by reading this. My deepest gratitude for the gift of your time.