Uncover the Magic Rooted in a Rich Fantasy Landscape

Dive into a meticulously crafted fantasy realm where every tree, forest, and creature is alive with magic. Experience a saga like no other, filled with rich storytelling and unforgettable characters.

The Weavers and Wyrders Saga

Cast into a deadly maelstrom of assassination and intrigue, Jenna must risk revealing her true identity to save her city, her people, and her brother.

Against incredible odds, Jenna and Hahn race to discover the Queen’s identity and save her from certain death.

A warrior pursues an abducted Queen; a young criminal mastermind unseats the church; a warlock of phenomenal power hunts for weapons of legend, and a city leader prepares for war.

A warrior must face her nemesis. A queen must embrace her destiny. Both must ride the Blood Moon.

The Chronicles of Tulascarri

United by mysterious events, two women from different worlds embark on a quest to recover the Southern Rune, and in the process, they discover much, much more.

Sabeen must shed her former self to learn the secrets of Sentience, but will she have enough strength and discipline to defeat the traitor hiding in the midst of the mysterious Tenfeather People?

High Fantasy, Sentient Magic, Epic Adventure




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