The Arkhanum

The Ancient Tongue

Name Elder Intemdeiary Younger
Script Elemental roots & phonemes Combinations of phonemes and
intentions to arrive at a
composite word.
Shorter versions, contracted
words. Most common:
Letters of the alphabet
Requirements of use Intention (Weavers) / Kindling (Wyrders) Combinations or derivatives of Elemental Runes Letters of the alphabet
Words of Power Words of Power None
Potency High Medium - Low None
High Sentience component Low to High Sentience component No Sentience component
Raw, unfocussed power Focused Power No Power
Application Raw essence of power, frequency and vibration.These words have an affect all on their own Harnessed / contained power.
Requires a spell plus a word of
Free-form speech
Used by Weavers (All levels),
Advanced Wyrders, Wyrdic
Lower level Wyrders and Scholars All
Runes Elemental Runes Composite ("Elder") Runes Letters of the alphabet
Pictograms / Glyphs "Classical" composites
Common runes

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