The Southern Rune – the story behind the story.

Antsun’alun, Ochthelenie.

Did you know The Southern Rune was supposed to be Book 13 in the Weavers & Wyrders Saga?
So how did it end up being the first of The Chronicles of Tulascarri, and my third book to be published?

In short – The Weavers and Wyrders Saga starts in the cycle 1629 ODT, with the events of the Brotherhood of Sfarr, The Song of Elaria, and going forward in Cythian time from then. Anything that happened to Jenna Aleantha before then, and / or other spin-off stories, fall into The Chronicles of Tulascarri.

My original plan has always been for the Weavers & Wyrders Saga to be around 12 Books. Book 13, was going to be a spin-off about the events that led Jenna and Hahn to Frethenia in the first place. Who was the princess that Jenna fell in love with? How does she know Maloud Fed Ayed? What exactly happened that day that she and he grew drunk on Calatti?
But it was while I was writing the manuscript for Book 3 in the Weavers & Wyrders Saga, that I realised I needed that back-story now. I needed info about the characters, and their past. So I started writing. And it was enlightening.

At first I was concerned that I would give away too many critical plot elements – but I managed to work around that. Now The Southern Rune stands on its own as a prequel to the Saga.

In it, the reader meets Tulascarri, the warrior who survived Carnath-Isia. She is a brutal mercenary, with powers and abilities that make her almost invincible. But she is poisoned, forced to confront her vulnerability, and go on a journey of self re-discovery that leads her to love, and a landmark decision – the decision to start a new life.

Having read The Brotherhood of Sfarr, and The Song of Elaria, the reader will see my style has grown, matured, and I think The Southern Rune is the best one yet.

So set aside some alone time, curl up with a good book (mine), and enjoy the journey.

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